Information about our fun promotional gliders can be found on this webpage and in our printed catalog that you can download as a PDF file. But we certainly know in the “real world” of promotional customers, custom imprinted items and orders questions come up … we have included some FAQ’s below to answer some common questions you may have. Any other questions you may have on our, please contact us and we will be happy to help you out. Call us or click the red “get help” button to the right to send us an email.

No, we cannot sell less than minimum quantity listed for each item.

GuillowGliders sells products through Promotional Products Distributors only.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend distributors to prospective end customers. However, in many cases, end customers can find a local Distributor by using a search engine. For example: Open your favorite search engine and type “custom printed balsa wood airplanes” or “Promotional Products Distributors” and you will find companies to contact about our custom printed gliders.

We have a large inventory of fonts. Here is a list of our top ten used fonts.

    1. Arial
    2. Bookman Old Style
    3. Comic Sans
    4. Cooper Black
    5. Diner Script
    6. Futura
    7. Goudy
    8. Helvetica
    9. Palatino
    10. Times New Roman

Clean black and white image (no color or grey tones), at least 300 dpi or higher resolution or line/vector artwork in its native format.

Yes, each glider has its own standard color which is listed on the gliders information page. Our red is close to PMS 200, our blue is close to PMS 300 and our green is close to PMS 334. Colors can be interchanged for an additional fee.

Yes we can print in most PMS colors on our gliders for an additional fee. We will inform you if there is an issue with a color before production.

Unfortunately we do not have a rush service. If you need your glider to arrive quicker than the required time we recommend you use an expedited shipping method.

Yes we do here is a list of some of them:

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Kids (children) are Ace pilots

No issue is more important than the safety of our toys and the children who enjoy them. At Guillow’s, we continuously work toward keeping our safety standards within the federal regulations defined by the CPSC. To ensure compliance with federal standards, Guillow’s safety tests and quality control checks at multiple stages of the manufacturing process. You can read more here http://www.guillow.com/cpc.aspx and http://www.guillow.com/producttestresults.aspx.