About Us

Guillow’s has been imprinting its fun balsa wood gliders with customer’s logo’s and sales messages since 1936.  For over 80 years now we have helped companies advertise on our toy glider wings, have their message ‘explore new heights’ and their sales ‘take off’.  Hundreds of thousands of our ‘flying messenger’ promotional planes have flown at trade shows, company picnics, parades, etc over the years and made an impression on all who saw them streak through the sky.  A pretty good place to put YOUR advertising message, right?

Times may change (too fast at times) but simple, good ideas stay around and Guillow gliders are one of them.  We continue to manufacture these inexpensive gliders today and can put your colorful message onto our easy to assemble and fun to fly gliders.  Balsa wood gliders are an inexpensive, fun and unique promotional idea that brings back nostalgic memories that put a smile on the face of its ‘pilot’.

Our balsa gliders are sold exclusively through promotional products distributors, if you are a distributor please contact us and give GuillowGliders a try with YOUR customers and if you are an end user that thinks they would like to have some fun getting their message out to customers … look up and contact a promotional products distributor near you and they will be happy to help you order some gliders.

GuillowGliders is a subsidiary of Paul K. Guillow, Inc.  Guillow’s started back in 1926 and has been proudly manufacturing balsa wood model airplane hobby construction kits and flying toy gliders IN THE USA ever since. Over 90 years … most everyone remembers the shiny red propellers and flying toy balsa planes across their back yards as a child.  Our retail company website is www.guillow.com where you can see all our fun flying products.  And if you would like to read a short history of the company it can be found at http://www.guillow.com/aboutus.aspx.