Artwork Guidelines

Guillow’s Advertising Gliders – Digital Artwork Guidelines

When preparing and submitting electronic artwork on a USB thumb drive, CD ROM or via e-mail, please observe the following guidelines so that we are able to process your order as efficiently as possible. Our graphics department is set up on a MS Windows network. If you are creating your artwork on a Mac platform, please read the Macintosh instructions listed below to increase the likelihood of a successful output.  When sending digital artwork we recommend that you send/fax a hard copy printout along with your order, so that we can verify the integrity of the digital file.

Programs used by Guillow’s graphics department . . .

  • Adobe Illustrator CC –Our standard graphics program. We can accept .ai files & editable .pdf files (must be able to edit file in Illustrator).  Please convert any fonts to outlines!

    CorelDraw X6 – Your artwork can be saved in .cdr format or as an .eps file, Corel is very good at importing .eps files from other programs.  Please convert all fonts to curves! 

  • Other programs – Most graphics programs can export an .eps file, if you use anything other than CorelDraw or Illustrator, please do this!  Please convert typefaces to curves, paths, or outlines before sending artwork.  If your artwork has been created using other programs: (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Power Point, etc), please contact us to discuss an alternative solution.  We cannot accept Quark Express files.  If the electronic file is unusable for any reason, you will be asked to supply original art or to remedy any problems and resubmit the file, this may delay your orders ship date.

  • Raster / Scanned artwork – Raster images are acceptable to us if they meet minimum standard requirements;  Must be clean black and white image (no color or grey tones), at least 300 dpi for balsa at the size they are to be imprinted on our product.  .JPG and .TIF images are acceptable.

  • Mac Instructions -  If saving your digital artwork from a Mac computer, please take special care in naming your files, Windows can not accept any “special characters” and needs a valid extension after the file name (An example of a good file name would be:  comanyname-po12345.eps)  Also, Mac fonts are not compatible with Windows so please take special care to make sure they are converted to curves or outlines.   EPS files generally work the best for us to import when your saving from a Mac graphics program.

Acceptable Media . . .

  • Via email to (The preferred size of a file is no larger than 7MB)  Please include in the e-mail message, your name, company name, Purchase order number and item you are imprinting.  

    USB Thumb Drive, CD-ROM or DVD

Note:  If you have multiple images or large files, you may want to compress them using compression software (we use WINZIP).

Product Guidelines . . .

Due to Federal Regulations we are required to put Lot #'s on all products and packaging.

  • Balsa gliders – Small reversed, screened, fine line copy or close multi-color registration cannot be printed satisfactorily on balsa wood wings and is not recommended – factory will not be responsible for quality of imprint if it is submitted. Our balsa gliders are printed in spot colors only at 100%. No screens, fades or gradients. We will warn you in an artwork proof before continuing with your order.  Print area layouts for wings supplied here.

We will send an email acknowledgement receipt of your art submission within a day. If you do not hear from us or have other questions, please e-mail or call us at 781-245-5255.