50-1 Balsa Motorplane

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250 500 750 1000 2500 5000
$2.28 ea. 2.22 ea. 2.20 ea. 2.10 ea 1.96 ea. 1.88 ea.

        Plate Charge: $94. (G)                                                                   (A)

A sleek “air superiority” flyer with printed tail surfaces and pilot canopy. Easy to loop and soar. Individually packaged in sealed poly bag.

• Production Time: 10 working days.*
• Standard Color: Blue
• Tail Color: Blue
• Wing Span: 12"
• Imprint Area: 1¾" x11½" (1¾" x 5 ¼" each side, top of wing)

*Production time is for 250-10,000 pcs. For larger quantities, additional colors, or special packing please contact factory for schedule.

Package Size: 3" x 13½"
Standard Pack: 250 pcs. per carton
Carton Size: 18½" x 13-5/8" x 15¾"
Weight: 10 lbs. Dim wt: 26 lbs. Cu. Ft: 2.30.


Factory can receive electronic artwork via email, USB thumb drive or CD ROM (MS Windows™ compatible). For best results, submit vector line art or black & white camera ready copy (at least 300 dpi resolution on paper). Small reversed, screened, fine line copy or close registration cannot be printed satisfactorily on balsa wood and is not recommended, factory will not be responsible for quality of imprint. Copy prepared by us will be created with a typeface of our choosing, if a specific type is to be used it should be noted on the order. We will inform you if the typeface is not available. Templates for all Guillow gliders are available under the Selling Aids tab or on each items page. Template for this glider can be found under the template tab. Prices will be quoted if special artwork is required. Email artwork to artwork@guillow.com.

PLATE CHARGE: Per color (one time). Plates will be disposed of approx. 2 years after last order. Any reorder after that will incur a new plate charge.

COLOR PRICES: Balsa gliders are printed with a standard color (see glider for standard color of glider) at no charge. Standard colors are interchangeable for an additional $13.00(g) per color and order. Our Blue is close to PMS 300, our Red is close to PMS 200 and our Green is close to PMS 334. For PMS® color match, $82.00(g). Inks tend to print darker on balsa wood. Exact color match is not guaranteed. Metallic inks cannot be printed balsa gliders.

SECOND COLOR CHARGES: 2nd color plate required. Set-up charge for 2nd color - $20.00(net). Running charge $11.00(net) per 1000.

PILOT FIGURE AND TAIL SURFACE: Tail surfaces and pilot figure on No. 26-1, 30-1, 40-1 and 50-1 are preprinted and remain in standard colors. For color change add $20.00(net) set-up charge and $11.00(net) per thousand run charge. No imprint on tail, add $20.00(net) set-up charge.

WING IMPRINT AREA: No copy allowed in center of wing area. All glider wings will have a printed thin border line around the outside perimeter as illustrated in the photos of products. This line is necessary for registration purposes. Templates for all our gliders are available on our downloads page. No bleed off wing is allowed.

PRINTING PROCESS: Our Balsa Gliders are printed using letter press method. We print in spot colors only. 4 color process is not available. Multi colors can shift slightly when printed. Tight registration is not recommended.

MINIMUM FONT SIZE AND LINE THICKNESS: Fonts less than 8 pt will be hard to read. Bolder fonts can fill in when printed. Reverse or knock out fonts should be over 8 pt and should be a thicker typeface. Lines that are less than .007" will not print well. Reverse lines should be .01" or thicker to get the best print.

OVERRUNS / UNDERRUNS: All orders subject to 5% overrun or underrun.

PROOFS & ORDER CONFIRMATION: It is Guillow's policy to send proofs on all orders. Proofs are sent via email or fax at no charge within approx. 3 days from receipt of order. Proofs can be emailed if provided with an email address. Proofs will be sent as a pdf file type unless another file type is preferred. Proofs must be approved by either emailed or faxed back to us before plates can be made. Delays in returning proofs will necessitate a new ship date if needed.

PRE PRODUCTION SAMPLE: One color actual production sample available - $110.00 net. Price includes plate. PMS color match charges apply. Additional colors will require additional charges. Up to 10 working days for production. See factory for pricing and production time.

EVENT DATE GUARANTEE: It is Guillow’s guarantee to the distributor that once an order is approved by us for processing with a specified ship date, Guillow's will ship the merchandise on time to meet the event date. If we miss the approved ship date, you pay nothing. This guarantee does not apply to delays caused by distributor, natural business interruptions, acts of God or transportation companies.

NORMAL PRODUCTION TIME: Production times for quantities up to 10,000 is 7 to10 working days. From 10,000 to 25,000 - Approx 20 working days from receipt of order & artwork. For larger quantities, additional colors, or special packing please contact factory for schedule. No imprint - 5 days.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Orders for non-imprint gliders $10.00 (A) less per thousand.

CLASSIFICATION: 6A, F.O.B. Factory dock MA, U.S.A.

ABSOLUTE MIN: 250 pcs. on all balsa gliders.

PACKING & SHIPPING INFORMATION: Quotation upon request for less than standard case pack.

NORMAL PACKAGING: All balsa gliders are individually packaged in a clear heat sealed poly bag. Poly bagged gliders are then bulk packed.

25-1, 250 pieces. Carton Size: 15.375" x 11.375" x 7.125", wt.4 lb.
25-1, 500 pieces. Carton Size: 18.75" x 12.5" x 9.875", wt. 8 lb.
25-1, 700 pieces. Carton Size: 16.125" x 14.625" x 12.5", wt. 9 lb.
25-1, 1000 pieces. Carton Size: 18.5" x 13.625" x 15.75", wt. 13 lb.
26-1, 250 pieces. Carton Size: 18.75" x 12.5625" x 9.875", wt. 6 lb.
26-1, 500 pieces. Carton Size: 18.5" x 13.625" x 15.75", wt. 12 lb.
30-1, 250 pieces. Carton Size: 17.25" x 13.25" x 8.75", wt. 7 lb.
30-1, 300 pieces. Carton Size: 17.25" x 13.25" x 8.75", wt. 8 lb.
40-1, 250 pieces. Carton Size: 17.25" x 13.25" x 8.75", wt. 7 lb.
40-1, 300 pieces. Carton Size: 17.25" x 13.25" x 8.75", wt. 8 lb.
46-1, 250 pieces. Carton Size: 15.375" x 11.375" x 7.125", wt.7 lb.

F.O.B. POINT: Factory dock in Massachusetts, U.S.A.


50-1 Template 50-1 Template

Download a copy of this template to design your glider.


50-1 sheet 50-1 sell sheet

Download a sell sheet of this glider.


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